Electrical Services

Expert design and quality equipment supply for reliable electrical system. Our expertise is a knowledge from high voltage to low voltage systems.


We provide commissioning services nationwide, providing anything from protection relay testing, pre-commissioning installed equipment, full system commissioning, fault finding, interrogating, modifying and implementing of protection settings. Retrofit and Commissioning upgraded Electrical Protection Systems.

Electrical Busduct

Busducts in any electrical construction, are used for transporting electrical power to a shorter distance but many utilization point, within the building or a compound of facilities. Though cables can also be used in these areas, their economic impact would be high if compared to the effective Busduct. It will help us to tap power directly from where we want it to be and make utilize to the service point. Our team will provide a complete system solution from design stage, installation and testing commissing of all type of Busduct system.

Electrical Power Maintenance

We will expand, improve and maintain your critical electrical infrastructure to ensure the continued, improved and safe operation of your network, leaving you rest assured that you will be working with professional and highly competent Electrical Distribution Engineers. Our comprehensive maintenance service covers both old and new equipment, from bulk oil switchgear to modern insulated devices, Induction Disc Relays, through to microprocessor based protection and metering units. We undertake maintenance on switchgear, transformers, electrical protection systems, all in accordance with the latest IEC standard. If you require assistance in your time of need, a range Maintenance & Support Contracts are available.

Electrical Substation

Our team has been supporting testing and commissioning substations, switchyards, and relay stations. Our comprehensive electrical construction services provide the foundation for medium, high, and extra high voltage collection, transmission, and distribution systems. Our broad experience working with public utilities, municipalities, and independent developers makes us uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of your transmission or distribution project. We specialize in providing fast, reliable grid connection.

Power System Study

When it comes to future-proof power distribution, industrial power supply, power transmission or generation in today’s complex and changing energy environment, sound advice from power system experts is essential. Our team will provide support on the design and solution that best suit to client requirement including load flow study, short circuit study, power swing analisys and many more.

Substation Installation and Construction

We provide highly trained and competent engineers to install and commission HV, MV & LV switchgear, Protection & Control Systems, Power Distribution Transformers, Transformer Rectifiers, Battery Systems and all associated cables and cable management systems and ancillary equipment. These works can involve anything from a standard package substation installation, through to a turnkey large scale installation and system commissioning.


Within the specialist field of High and Low Voltage Power Engineering, offer a variety of solutions for all HV/LV requirements nationwide, providing Total Power Solutions including the following, start from design phase, installation, testing, commissioning and after sales services. We boast comprehensive Manufacturing, Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning Services for all HV/LV Distribution Equipment, MCC’s, Protection and Control Equipment from standard contracts through to complex turnkey projects. All providing transmission and distribution products and services to Power Generation, Renewables, Petrochem, Light & Heavy Industry, Cities & Infrastructure & Rail sectors, and many, many more.

Switchgear Retrofit

We have significant experience of retrofitting existing installed base products, to enhance equipment life span with minimal operational downtime. We can offer retrofitting of primary CB, ACB & MCCB’s. Increasing the life span of your power distribution equipment with minimal disruption, without the need to physically replace existing switchboard and associated infrastructure. Retrofitting ageing equipment improves the integrity of your installations efficiency through the use of the latest available technology.Commissioning activities are applicable to all phases of the project, from basis of design, procurement, construction and assembly, until the final handover to the owner

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